About - pepeorellana

I am very excited you are reading this, meaning you have been wandering my website looking at the photos, and now you want to know about who's the guy behind the camera. This is my story...

I was born in Mexico 26 years ago. I grabbed my first camera while I was in high school and I loved it, mainly because I could hang out with friends and met new people, and also because I had press pass to all sort of events, like private parties, nightclubs, music festivals, and backstage during concerts. I began working at a photography studio and learnt all sort of things. There I had the chance to shoot portraits, landscapes, architecture, fashion, commercial, and many different kinds of photography. Later I found myself taking photos at a wedding, and it just felt so different from everything I had done before, I was not only taking pictures but crafting memories, I've been holding onto that idea ever since. 

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